My mission for Pocket Computers

To preserve knowledge about Vintage Pocket Computers who are not fabricated any more as long as possible by collecting every bit of technical information and creating open-source electronics to interface yourself with these devices / create hardware extensions to them with maximum ease, so that more people are inclined to still work with them.

The more people still use them, the farther away we move the date of their complete extinction from the minds!

What you can find here

I publish various KiCad Projects of electronic circuits & their PCBs for working with Pocket Computers. Sometimes, projects are even ready to be produced & assembled by a PCBA service of your choosing. For these small and cheap project, I tend to work with JLCPCB’s PCBA Service. Try it out !

I update these Repositories in my small leisure time, as soon as I test AND validate a new design.

USB-to-Serial Interfaces to connect Pocket Computers to your PC : hwreverse / PokeConSerial

Breakout & Debug Boards : hwreverse / PokeconDebug

Sound Cards : hwreverse / PokeConSound

Differents bits of code :

BMP to HEX Converter, Grayscale to ASM Code Converter (to show Bitmaps in B/W or Grayscale on a Pocket Computer Screen)
hwreverse / PocketComputerTools

What Pocket Computers are we talking about ?